Chuck Todd: Why Was Obama Concerned About Calling Attack Terrorism?


CHUCK TODD: Well, I can tell you a few things. Number one, when you heard the President's statement, and many people have noted the fact, and the White House themselves acknowledged it after the fact, that the president didn't use the word terrorism.

And I can tell you from talking to some sources they discussed whether he should use that word or not and they made the decision not to. That doesn't mean that they don't believe and they aren't treating this as an act of terror, but that they're being very careful. And part of the reason why is that they -- and the president himself seemed to emphasize this -- is they still don't know who did this, nor do they know the motivation. Is it an individual? Is it a group? Is it domestic? Is it international?

And I can tell you, and you can hear it in the president's voice and talking to others, there is clearly some frustration about how little they seem to know. And I know that it's my understanding Michael Leiter is listening in on this, I'm just curious, why would there be such concern internally about being careful whether you call something terrorism and why they made the decision not to? (Hardball, April 15, 2013)

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