April 15, 2013 Archives

April 15, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer: "First Successful Bombing, Terror Explosion Since 9/11"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What strikes me is part of the reason for the psychological shock is that if you think about it, Bret, this is the first successful bombing -- terror explosion since 9/11. We've had some that were attempted, like the one in Times Square that never succeeded. We've had by my count, about ten terrorist attacks in the U.S. sin

Hume: "I Wouldn't Find Fault" With Obama Not Calling Boston Attack "Terror"

"You can attribute that to all kinds of reasons. I think he's being careful. If this is a terror attack, as it looks so much like it is, we will know soon enough. There is no reason to rush a characterization of that, in my opinion, and I wouldn't find fault with him not saying that," FOX News Brit Hume said about President Obama not calling the Bo

Ben Smith Blames "The Right" For Conditions Of Gosnell Abortion Clinic

BEN SMITH, BUZZFEED: "There's certainly been a campaign on the right, to make it -- to in lieu of being able to actually ban abortions, just to make it incredibly difficult to get. And this is obviously the downside of that, right? That people wind up going outside the law. And actually though, I think the abortion rights movement, I mean, is not d

Chuck Todd: Why Was Obama Concerned About Calling Attack Terrorism?

CHUCK TODD: Well, I can tell you a few things. Number one, when you heard the President's statement, and many people have noted the fact, and the White House themselves acknowledged it after the fact, that the president didn't use the word terrorism. And I can tell you from talking to some sources they discussed whether he should use that word

Chris Matthews: Did Tax Day Have Anything To Do With Boston Bombing?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "Well, Michael, tax day today. That came up. You know, I was thinking of all the iconic events that are being told about today. Of course I knew it was tax day because I got them in. But of course, it's Patriots Day. It's also the Boston Marathon. And would you as an expert be thinking domestic at this point? I don't think tax day m

GOP Congressman: Boston Bombing Has Signature Of A Middle Eastern Terror Attack

REP. MIKE MCCAUL (R-TX), HOUSE HOMELAND SECURITY CHAIRMAN: It is very reminiscent of the Times Square bombing. And the fact that it's Patriots Day, I think has maybe some significance. As you and I were talking about earlier, there are reports, earlier reports that there were ball bearings used in these explosive devices, which is very consistent w

Obama: "We Will Find Out Who Did This And We Will Hold Them Accountable"

President Obama held a press conference at 6:10 ET Monday evening addressing the explosions at the Boston Marathon early afternoon. PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon, everybody. Earlier today I was briefed by my homeland security team on the events in Boston. We're continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it unfolds, and

Raw Video: Boston Marathon Bomb Blast As It Happened

Raw video of one of the two explosions reported to have taken place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon this afternoon.

CNN Analyst: "Right-Wing Extremist" Could Be Behind Boston Bombing

PETER BERGEN, CNN NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST: But, you know, the fact there were two explosions, two bombings -- one of the things I would be looking at is, once the device, if it is a device, is found, what kind of explosives were used? So, for instance, if it was hydrogen peroxide, this is sort of a signature of al Qaeda. If it was more conven

Chris Matthews: "Domestic Terrorists Tend To Be On The Far Right"

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about domestic terrorism as a category. Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right, well that’s not a good category, just extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much or its po

CNN's John King On Boston Bombing: "If You Are Looking To Make Some Kind Of Political Statement, That Would Be The Place To Do It"

CNN's John King on the Boston Marathon bombing: "It's a huge area for commerce. If you are looking -- if you are looking, and I want to emphasize the if, if you are looking to make some kind of political statement, that would be the place to do it, Copley Square on Marathon."

WH: No Comment On Protecting Babies Born After Botched Abortions

ED HENRY: The president, as a state senator in 2003, voted against a bill that would provide medical care, as I understand, to babies who would be born after a botched abortion like this. The president at the time said he couldn't support it as a state senator because he felt like any doctor in that situation would take care of a child. When you he

Fox News Special: Your Secret's Out!

FOX News' John Roberts reports: No liberty and zero privacy. Is this the new America? From a government spy center to the administration's use of your every online move, our investigation exposes the threat!

Scarborough Slams Obama's Tax Hypocrisy: "He Talks About Fairness?"

On Morning Joe this morning--Tax Day-- Joe Scarborough takes on Barack Obama's tax-rate hypocrisy. For someone who calls for "fairness" and demagogues small business owners, he still pays a tax rate of 18 percent. SCARBOROUGH: This guy, this guy talks about fairness? And he's paying 18 percent? He wants to jack tax rates up to 39 per

Kerry: Foreign Students "Scared" To Come To U.S. Because Of Guns

JOHN KERRY, SECRETARY OF STATE: I've heard in a couple of quiet conversations with U.S. officials is two things: Number one, how safe it is over here in this country where people are not running around with guns. And number two, how our -- how some students, we had an interesting discussion why fewer students are coming to, particularly from Ja

Sen. Marco Rubio: "Jay-Z Needs To Get Informed" On Cuba

“I think Jay-Z needs to get informed," Sen. Rubio said on ABC's "This Week. "One of his heroes is Che Guevara. Che Guevara was a racist. Che Guevara was a racist that wrote extensively about the superiority of white Europeans over people of African descent, so he should inform himself on the guy that he’s propping up. “Secondly, I think if

You May Already Be A Loser - Government Clearing House

This tax day satire gives you an idea of how much money you will pay to the IRS in a lifetime.

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