Scarborough To GOP Leaders: "Condemn" Greg Walden's Attack On Obama


Joe Scarborough says Republican leadership in the House must condemn NRCC chairman Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) for "attacking Obama from the left" and calling his budget a "shocking attack on seniors."


SCARBOROUGH: I’m worried about long-term debt and I’m worried about my party being responsible. Bring up what makes me so angry, I don't know what to do with my myself. Oh my god, this is unbelievable

CHUCK TODD: Talking about the great Walden comment. A member of the house leadership leadership. The guy in charge of trying to keep republicans in charge of the House, he was head of the NRCC and he attacked the president from the left. He was harsher than I think Bernie Sanders was. He was harder on the president than I’ve seen Robert Reich be. Walden said that the president’s budget was -- what was the exact quote about seniors? An affront against seniors, essentially saying the entire idea of the chained CPI, which changes the cost-of-living adjustments, which a whole bunch of other republicans support, including John Boehner, and including a whole bunch of senate republicans. He seemed to telegraph that they were going to run against the president.

SCARBOROUGH: Let me just say now. Anybody, any republican, any democrat that runs against responsible rational solutions to take care of our long-term debt is selling out our children, is stealing from the next generation. Its generational theft and for republicans to do this is beyond shameless. They did it in 2010. And to tell the president -- we have been busting his chops for months, put it out there. Be responsible. The president has finally -- he just tips his toe in the water and Greg Walden comes swinging. This is shameless. I know Greg. I like Greg. But I’m just telling you, any republican -- you know what? I got to talk to Phil Griffin. I got to see if I can start a PAC and I can Bloomberg these republicans and democrats that demagogued this. This is pathetic.

CHUCK TODD: It did expose a couple of things. You see how poorly this polls. They are looking at polls and you're driven by polls. The idea of changing social security is unpopular with liberal seniors, moderate seniors, conservative seniors. Nobody wants to mess with social security. It is unpopular. The republicans wanted the president to do this in part because they thought it would splinter his party and create a rift between him and some liberal democrats, but they supposedly said they want it for this. If republicans want to deal with the president, don't condemn this. Don’t condemn Walden publicly. You can't blame if the white house says, we're out.

SCARBOROUGH: What did you say, Mika? if they do not is a Greg Walden is long and this is not the position of the House leadership and the NRCC officially, and that they are going to discourage their candidates from doing this, I say the president should walk away. It is shameful. I cannot condemn this enough. I’m going to be as tough on this issue as I’ve been on the president for not having the courage to talk about entitlements. Republicans, you better speak out gets this right now. Forget the politics. This is about the next generation. This is about generational theft and it is absolutely hypocritical.

BRZEZINSKI: Your party needs to learn how to do that to one another once in a while just to keep it clean. We got to get to the new cover of Tim Magaizine and then the poll numbers.

SCARBOROUGH: I’m sorry. You made me mad. It’s a big story. If you were a back bencher that would be one thing. He runs the NRCC. This is an issue. I know John Boehner. I know John Boehner needs to speak out on it and I hope he will.

BRZEZINSKI: It shouldn't be hard.

SCARBOROUGH: I’m sure Paul Ryan will speak out against this because this is so important to people like Paul. I hope Mark Sanford on the campaign trail will speak out against this. I think he's got the guts to do it to condemn the NRCC while taking their money to win this race. Mark, please condemn Greg Walden today and make news and show people your character as a public official. Come on, mark, do it today.

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