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TX State Senator Dan Patrick vs. Piers Morgan On Gun Control Law Debate

Dan Patrick join Piers Morgan and a live audience to present opposite perspectives on gun control laws.

MORGAN: OK. Dan Patrick, let me come to you. Do you agree with this?

DAN PATRICK (R), TEXAS STATE SENATOR: Yes. In fact, I thought you were going to have a new issue tonight, Piers. I thought you would want banning of knives all over America because you have wanted to ban guns and let's in a very serious mode, Piers --

MORGAN: See, why would you --

PATRICK: Thank God --

MORGAN: Why would you start the conversation by being so completely facetious?

PATRICK: Because actually the way you've been thinking about the whole gun issue, I found just totally out of touch with reality.

MORGAN: I know. It's crazy, isn't it?


MORGAN: It's crazy that I think that 100,000 Americans being shot a year is out of control.


MORGAN: Crazy, I think the 30,000 Americans who kill themselves every year or shoot others with guns is out of control. Call me crazy. I think it's absolutely shameful. So I want to try and reduce the gun violence, not increase it.

PATRICK: Yes. Well, you don't reduce, you don't reduce gun violence or any violence by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens.

MORGAN: No. You actually do. You actually do.


PATRICK: You should have figured that out by now, first of all.

MORGAN: No, no, you really do.

PATRICK: Secondly --

MORGAN: If you go to Japan or Britain or Australia or a number of other countries I could name where they have very strict gun control laws, it is so difficult to get your hands on guns, you don't have the gun violence. It is a proven demonstrable fact.

PATRICK: Yes. Well, this is America. This is -- yes. Well, this is America and our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. This is not Tokyo. This is not Finland. This is not whatever other country you want to talk about, Piers. This is the United States of America. And in America, where law-abiding citizens have guns, crime is down, like in Texas.

MORGAN: But I've got a lot of Americans in this audience who are all shaking their heads on what you're saying. So how do you equate that?

PATRICK: Well, they -- well, they're probably northeast liberals who don't understand --


But in Texas -- but in Texas, but in Texas --


MORGAN: Actually -- well, actually half an hour -- well, actually -- as you know, we are half an hour from Newtown. We are half an hour from Newtown.

PATRICK: That's fine. In Texas, in Texas, we believe in defending our families and our properties with guns and crime is down. In Chicago, where you have some of the toughest laws against guns, crime is up and I wouldn't want to be out on the streets in Chicago. I'll be out on the streets in Houston or Dallas and San Antonio and feel safe.

And secondly, Piers, thank God this young man did not have a gun today. Think about the massacre that could have been stopped if another student had had a gun. And my guess is if this student with the knife had known that people with the CHL, law-abiding citizens had a gun, he wouldn't have stabbed 12 or 14 people today.

We just had a gun class this past weekend in Dallas offered to schoolteachers. It was free. Seven hundred schoolteachers came out to take advantage of this course.

Piers, CHL holders are responsible gun owners. All the things you're saying about there would be the Wild West, that's what they said back in the '90s when Texas passed this law. There will be road rage, there will be barroom fights, there will be, you know, neighbors shooting each other over a noisy dog.

None of that, Piers, has ever happened. It hasn't happened. I -- my heart breaks for what has happened in America, whether a college or an elementary or a high school campus. It could happen anywhere.

But in Texas we believe we have a right to defend our life, our property and the lives of a third party if we could help them.

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