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Limbaugh Suggests Title For Hillary Clinton's New Book: "What Difference Did I Make?"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: So this is the left making sure the Clintons stay rolling in dough. I mean, what in the world is there that's remarkable about her tenure as secretary of state? Benghazi? North Korea? Iran? Where is the success? Where is anything in a book that anybody would want to read about Mrs. Clinton's tenure as secretary of state? What are her monuments? North Korea, Iran, Benghazi, Latin America. Somebody give me a foreign policy success story. You go back to the last four years of the Bush administration, and you listen to these same people talk about where we're hated. The world hates us. Obama's gonna make the world love us. We're gonna close Club Gitmo. We're gonna fix Iran. We're gonna fix Iraq. We're gonna get all this stuff back to normal so that everybody's happy, everybody loves us, and it's all falling apart. We're still in Afghanistan.

Monuments to her success, where are they? What is it that she's done that justifies $14 million? Now, free market, I guess for some people it remains a free market. If she can get $14 million from some publisher to write her memoirs on her time as secretary of state, fine, she can write 'em down, write whatever she wants, have it ghostwritten, whatever, and people buy it and everybody's happy. But the working title of this book ought to be: "What Difference Did I Make?" I mean, that's the working title of Mrs. Clinton's time as secretary of state, "What Difference Did I Make? How I Passed Off My Utter Failures to John Kerry. Is Everybody Feeling Better Now?"

What an utter disaster. We're living in an utter disaster no matter where you look.

We're in the midst of a dying country domestically, and in the area of foreign policy we have people who think that this country has never deserved to be a superpower. They have presided over what they think needs to be done, which is cutting us down in size. In the process, our so-called enemies are empowered, entrenched, not curtailed. The United States no longer seems to stand for freedom around the world. Yet, "Mrs. Clinton, here's $14 million. We would love for you to write about your years as secretary of state!"

What Difference Did I Make?

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