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Coulter: Thatcher Wanted To Teach Palin How To "Speak Proper English"

COULTER: One thing that I know, because I know people who know her, is when Sarah Palin first burst on the scene, the political scene, she wanted to have a meeting with Palin, because she saw raw political talent, but wanted to teach Sarah Palin to do what she did.

COULTER: To teach her to speak proper English. Palin did not meet with her, and just a year or two ago, when Sarah Palin was promoting some reality show or something, she went to England. And she announced to the press that she was planning on dropping by to see Lady Thatcher, and Lady Thatcher put out the word that she was not available. 

COULTER: What, I think, a lot of us saw, that Sarah Palin did have raw political talent. And if she had been willing to put her nose to the grindstone and pursue improving herself, speaking proper English, reading stuff, knowing lots of things, she could have been great. She’s a fine person, but that isn’t what she’s pursuing. 

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