Bill Maher: "Libertarians Have To Stop Ruining Libertarianism"


BILL MAHER: Libertarians have to stop ruining libertarianism, or at least do a better job explaining the difference between today's libertarian and just being a selfish prick. Now, many years ago on a television network far, far away, I expressed support for libertarianism because back then it meant I didn't want big government in my bedroom, or my medicine chest, or especially not in the second drawer of the nightstand on the left side of my bed. And I still believe that, but somewhere along the way, libertarianism morphed into this creepy obsession with free market capitalism based on an Ayn Rand novel called Atlas Shrugged, a book that's never been read all the way through by anyone with a girlfriend.

Paul Ryan once said Ayn Rand taught him what my value systems are. And I believe him, because her book has a strange appeal to people who are kind of smart, but not really. (HBO's Real Time, April 5, 2013)

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