Krauthammer: Obama "Essence Of Exactly The System That He Denounced And He Promised He Would Messianically Redeem"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: There's a larger issue here, which I think you're overlooking.


KRAUTHAMMER: I just have to get that in. I mean, Obama runs in 2008 as the man who is going to change our politics. You know, he is only going to implement new ideas, he is going to change the way Washington works. And the essence of the corruption he was attacking was the money.

So, number one, in '08, he is the first who refuses public financing for his campaign, he raises a billion dollars. And now what he is doing, he is campaigning, look where he is in the third month in the second term. If there is ever a time in the 8 years when you would relax on the money and try to govern, it would be at this point.

What he has done completely in contradiction to what he promised as a candidate in '08. He institutionalized the permanent campaign. He's out there raising money at the beginning of the second term when he ought to be here working on the budget, on sequester, and all these other issues. But now he is the essence of exactly the system that he denounced and he promised he would messianically redeem.

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