ESPN's Kornheiser: Obama's Basketball Blunder "Most Embarrassing Moment Of His Presidency"


MICHAEL WILBON: Should President Obama be embarrassed about his 2-for-22 shooting performance yesterday?

TONY KORNHEISER: This was brutal. These weren't just jump shots, he was missing layups as well, and he was unguarded. You've got to walk away. You miss 5, 6, 8, you have to walk away. You can't come back and say, 'Oh, give me another ball.'

WILBON: Why not? The shooters do!

KORNHEISER: No! Walk away!

WILBON: J.R. Smith! J.R. Smith said give me another pass.

KORNHEISER: Please! Do not compare the president of the United States of America to J.R. Smith.


KORNHEISER: This will go down as the most embarrassing moment of his entire presidency.

WILBON: Somehow, you have now absurdly turned this into like a great American tragedy.

KORNHEISER: No! Great American comedy.

WILBON: It's a basketball and there are people out there on the lawn looking for Easter eggs, and yet what?

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