Cruz Rips Rubio-Backed Immigration Plan: "Profoundly Unfair To The Millions Of Legal Immigrants"


SEAN HANNITY: Now, where do you stand on this immigration bill? Marco Rubio -- apparently, Chuck Schumer was saying this weekend that the bill of the Gang of Eight is going to move forward and Marco said not so fast it's got to go through regular order and Rand Paul has an amendment that I'd like to see included in that and that is trust but verify in terms of verifying and confirming that the borders would be secure and you got a secure the borders first or it's a no deal for anybody.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Well, it depends on what the details are that are in the bill. We still haven't actually seen the bill. Chuck Schumer keeps promising that there is some bill that one day he'll show the world.

What I've been saying for a long time is I think they're part of the deal that that could be positive. I think to the extent they're increasing resources to secure the border, to increase manpower, to give technology on the border, to just stop illegal immigration, I think that's a good thing. To the extent they are improving and streamlining legal immigration so our legal immigration system works better, I think that's a good thing also.

The part that I’ve got deep concerns about is any path to citizenship for those who are here illegally. I think that is profoundly unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who have followed the rules, who have waited in line. And so, I think the reason that President Obama is insisting on a path to citizenship is that it is designed to be a poison pill to scuttle the whole bill, so he can have a political issue in 2014 and 2016. I think that's really unfortunate.

HANNITY: What about what Rubio's been saying about a path to a green card? Even Jeb Bush -- I mean, it's very interesting because I've interviewed former Gov. Bush, I've interviewed Marco [Rubio], I've interviewed Rand Paul, I've interviewed you and there are certain components of each one's plan that interests me.

Like, for example, Jeb Bush's plan doesn't even lead to a path towards citizenship. Marco's insists on, you know, this is a path to a green card with maybe the potential, after you've been put in the back of the line, later for citizenship. Rand Paul is saying trust, but verify on the borders, which I think is a really good component.

I mean, if we first of all secured the border, that to me, it doesn't go anywhere unless that is done first. Do you think the president would be willing to do that?

CRUZ: Well, I think the American people have learned before that when politicians promise to secure the border, every time it's beens aid in the past, it hasn't happened. So, I think most voters share the skepticism about it. […] I think most voters share the skepticism I have about empty promises and hot air.

HANNITY: Well, and that's why, I think the trust and verify provision -- is that one you support?

CRUZ: I think anything that requires securing the border first is a step in the right direction. But I think that a path to citizenship is designed not to pass.


SEAN HANNITY: What about those who would have a path to a green card? Would you support that if the border was secured first?

SEN. TED CRUZ: The problem with the green card is the green card is a permanent legal residence status and anyone who has a green card is eligible for citizenship within five years. And so if someone can get a green card, that is a path to citizenship.

And it worries me, even if someone goes to the back of the line, what it means is that if you’re somebody in another country who wants to come to the United States and you followed the rules -- you applied to come legally -- if we pass something that allows those here illegally to achieve citizenship it means you’re a chump for having stayed in your own country and followed the rules because you were not able to live here and raise your family and enjoy the tremendous blessings and liberty in the United States simply because you followed the rules. And I think we need to uphold the rule of law and we need to be fair to legal immigrants. Legal immigrants get left behind in a lot of these discussions. (The Sean Hannity Show, April 1, 2013)

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