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Adam Carolla Rips Ad Touting Food Services For Mothers On Welfare

ADAM CAROLLA: My beef is the free beef she's getting that I'm paying for. But, I'm sort of over that. The fact that she doesn't have to shop herself and that they even bring it out to the car for her. We're this close to having, what? People eat the food and then pass it for you as well? I mean, we give you the food, then we get you the food, then we bring it out to the family [unintelligible] for you.

How about you get off your ass, get a job, earn some money, buy your own food.
And what kind of example are you setting for your family? Here’s really what I object to: It’s not that certain people don’t need help from us, and the government. It’s that when you give too many people help, they start to atrophy. Bill, when you go to outer space, and you’re going to spend a long time in outer space at the space station, part of the problem is bone atrophy and muscle mass loss, because there is no resistance, you don’t have resistance in outer space. So, you remove all of the resistance, you atrophy. And then we just got a bunch of super skinny astronauts.


CAROLLA: I just know that a person is capable of doing almost everything, the same person is capable of doing nothing, and if you deliver the food to them, or you deliver the dwelling to them or whatever you’re delivering to them, meaning you go through life, and there’s no adversity, meaning you don’t have to get up in the morning, and go to work, and essentially you live in a gravity-free environment, with all the tang you can have, well you’re going to atrophy and you’re not going to get any stronger. My mother got food stamps, and we used food stamps, and she waited for her food stamps to come twice a month instead of go out and look for a job.

O’REILLY: Did she ever discuss that with you? What was her attitude about getting the assistance from other people?

CAROLLA: Her attitude was, one day when I said to her from the mouth of babes, I just said: Mom, why don’t you just get a job and then we wouldn’t have to do all this. And she said, if I get a job, I’ll lose my welfare. And, she really should have just handed me a pack of cigarettes at that point, because it’s probably the worst thing you could do to a nine year old.

But I learned, at that point, that this is valuable. I don’t have the white privilege guilt that many other people in the media have. I understand what it’s like to be on the dole. And it doesn’t make these people any stronger. You hobble these people; you take away the one thing they have, which is dignity, and the ability to pull them out of this mire. And they can’t because you’ve atrophied their muscles by doing everything for them.

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