Dr. Ben Carson On Running For Office: "I Just Don't Think I Would Fit"


Dr. Benjamin Carson discusses with Larry Kudlow his possible political plans after retiring, and expands on the idea that the rich shouldn't be punished.

LARRY KUDLOW, CNBC: As always, Dr. Carson, great to see you. I'm reading in one of many articles that you're retiring in 100 days. I wonder if you would share future plans, especially public service.

DR. BEN CARSON: I have a lot of things on my agenda. I’ve got ten international trips. A multitude of speaking engagements around this country. We’re working very hard with the college fund. We’re in all 50 states. We’re putting in reading rooms all around the country. Particularly targeting title one schools. I’ve got so many things, I’ll probably have to come back to work to get a vacation.

KUDLOW: As you know, there is an open Senate seat in Michigan; I believe you grew up in Detroit. Senator Carl Levin is retiring. Any interest in that open Senate seat?

CARSON: No. People keep trying to put me into politics. I really don’t want to do it, because I don't really think I fit the mold. I don't believe in political correctness, and I certainly don't believe in getting into bed with special interest groups. I just don't think I would fit.

KUDLOW: I get that. How about television? I’ve been reading about TV interest on your part.

CARSON: Yes, I enjoy television. I think it's the way to reach the number of individuals. I think we're in a situation in our country right now where we need reasoned voices to help educate people. We have so many screaming people on both sides of the equation, and we're not making enough progress.

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