CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: "Not In The Business Of Making Predictions"


ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, CNN ANCHOR: Jeff Toobin, I just need to know, how did it sound? Give it all to me. Let me know how they sound, how they questioned and whether we can read any tea leaves.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST: Ashleigh, this is a deeply divided Supreme Court and a court that seemed almost to be groping for an answer here. I'm now not in the business of making pre- particulars, but I think it is even harder to predict the result of this case after hearing this argument.

Certainly, it was clear that Justice Scalia and almost certainly Chief Justice Roberts were very hostile to the idea of the court imposing same-sex marriage. It is quite clear the liberal Justices, the four Democrats, seemed favorably disposed.

Chief Justice Kennedy, as so often is the case, did seem like he was in the middle. And he said things that would give comfort to both sides. He did not seem anxious to even resolving this case. He suggested a couple of times that perhaps this whole issue was premature. So Kennedy did not seem to be seeking out the role that the court has presented to him, but he did seem to present the option to decide this case. And that's a brief summary. (CNN Newsroom, March 26, 2013)

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