Carney: "Not Sure" How Sequester Will Impact White House Staff


At Tuesday's press briefing, press secretary Jay Carney is asked how the sequester is affecting daily operations and the staff at the White House.

Carney, who noted that the administration just returned from an overseas trip, says he doesn't have any information on employees getting furlough notices.


QUESTION: I just wanted to get back to the Sequester and implementation here at the White House. Is there further information about that? Are people getting furlough notices?

JAY CARNEY, White House: I’ll have to check. You now, we were travelling. I’m not sure what updates I have on that. As we’ve said in the past, the Sequester applies to the White House and the Executive Office of the President as it does to the rest of the executive branch. But I don’t have any more details for you.

QUESTION: We’ve been asking about this for weeks! Is there any way to maybe corral the information and put it out, as opposed to just getting the question again and again?

CARNEY: We’ll see what we can get for you. This is – when furlough decisions are made – as I understand it, and I would have to refer you to O.M.B., but the implementation and application of the Sequester – there might be furlough notices, or reductions in pay, I’m not familiar with the details, and I don’t think… Before those things actually happen and we’ve seen this in other agencies – before the notices actually go out, we don’t have specific information about when that will happen because those evaluations are being made in real time. Is that it? Thanks, all.

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