March 19, 2013 Archives

March 19, 2013 Archives

Feinstein On Reid Dropping Assault Weapons Ban: "A Major Betrayal Of Trust"

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN: Now, Senator Reid, Senator Feinstein, had said before that you deserved a vote. But its appearing now it's going to be an amendment, it could ultimately just be a symbolic vote. What's your response to this new -- SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CA): No, no if it's an amendment, that is not a symbolic vote. I did the bill in 1994

Mark Levin: "If Harry Reid Really Cared About These Seven Marines, Why Politicize This?"

MARK LEVIN: The clear implication is that the sequester is the cause of this, or at least future horrific accidents of this kind. Why bring up the sequester, repeatedly, when talking about the death of the seven Marines unless you're trying to tie one to the other? I tell you folks, the exploitation that the left -- that the left is involved in, or

Tucker Carlson: "I'm Not Clear What Sarah Palin Does"

BRIAN WILSON, HOST: As a part of all of this, you have this spat between Karl Rove and Sarah Palin. Is that helpful or does it just make us look like a bunch of goofballs who are divided? TUCKER CARLSON: No, it's kind of hilarious, I guess. But no, it certainly doesn't get anyone elected. I think Sarah Palin is, you know, a great speaker, but I'

Michael Moore: Harry Reid Would Hold Vote On Assault Weapons Ban If His Grandchildren Were Killed

PIERS MORGAN: It did cross my mind, how many of these Senators, who in my view, probably do think there should be an assault weapons ban, probably do think there should be universal background checks, but they have decided to go against their principle to protect their political seats. How many would change if one of their kids had been in that San

Krauthammer: America "Headed The Way Of Cyprus"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think we do have to revise our doomsday pronouncements. We had been saying up to now America’s headed the way of Greece, I would say it’s headed the way of Cyprus, because if you start to confiscate people’s money retroactively you got a real problem on your hands. And I guess, I think if you put it to a vote for th

Harry Reid Implies Sequester Caused Explosion That Killed 7 Marines In Nevada

On the Senate floor this morning, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) implied the explosion that killed seven Marines at an ammunitions depot in Hawthorne, Nevada was due to the "cutting back in training and maintenance" in the sequester. HARRY REID: As I indicated, it was quite a big explosion. We'll follow this news very closely.

S.E. Cupp: Both Rand Paul And Marco Rubio Are Future Of GOP

S.E. Cupp explains why, despite their dueling visions for the future of the GOP, Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul need each other. Historically, conservatism has succeeded when it’s offered either a strong intellectual argument or a convincing emotional one. Over the past four years it has done neither particularly well, and Republ

Marine Corps Rips Reid: "Pure Political Posturing On The Backs Of Those Dead Marines"

NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports: Now I can tell you, Marine Corps officials this afternoon are taking a strong exception to what Harry Reid implied. Saying that this this exercise, for example, was planne

Carney: "We're Currently Planning To Proceed With The Easter Egg Roll"

QUESTION: And last thing, on the Easter Egg Roll. You said earlier this month that the plan is for that event to go on, go forward as planned, but we know that the ticket confirmations have a disclaimer that it could be canceled. Where do things stand now? Which is it going to be? What do you expect? MR. CARNEY: Well, I appreciate the questi

McCain: Older Senators' Experience Is Beneficial

CNN: Sen. John McCain tells the Senate that people might dislike the idea of older politicians, but there are benefits to age.

Limbaugh: Ben Carson Has Democrats Scared To Death

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Dr. Benjamin Carson has taken the world by storm. Dr. Benjamin Carson from Johns Hopkins University took CPAC by storm. He was on Hannity last night. Anytime he speaks, he just dominates. Everybody loves Dr. Carson, and the reason they love Dr. Carson is he is able to articulate and explain conservatism in a way that is persuasive wi

Bill Kristol: "Obama Has Created Rand Paul"

Bill Kristol discusses the Iraq War as its tenth anniversary passes on WMAL-AM's "Mornings On The Mall" with hosts Larry O'Connor and Brian Wilson KRISTOL: I very much agree with you. We cannot sustain a serious foreign policy abroad without public debate and without a president who leads. And that's been the biggest problem; hawks like me, who

Gov. Perry To Announce Possible 2016 Presidential Run In June

In an interview with The Shark Tank, Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he will make an announcement about his political future in June. "Check me in June, I’m gonna make an announcement in June," Perry told Shark Tank editor Javier Manjarres.

King Abdullah To Obama: Beware Of The Muslim Brotherhood

The Atlantic Monthly's Jeffrey Goldberg says King Abdullah is warning the U.S. of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rand Paul Rising?

Tom Bevan, Charlie Stone and Heather Wilhelm discuss Rand Paul's filibuster in this edition of RCP's "Morning Commute."

Carney: "Credit Is Due" To George W. Bush For Removing Saddam Hussein

JAMES ROSEN, FNC: But it sounds to me listening to you that for what you call the "welcome development" of Saddam Hussein being gone, you are unwilling to accord President George W. Bush even a single iota of credit for that development. JAY CARNEY: I'm happy to do that, James. I think the focus on doing that is unique here, in this briefing. Th

Rand Paul Calls For Immigration Reform With Border Security First

Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that illegal immigrants should be allowed to become U.S. taxpayers and ultimately get a shot at citizenship. According to FOX News' Carl Cameron, Rand Paul's proposal means border security first before anything else, which differs from Marco Rubio and the Senate Gang of Eight's proposal. Paul's plan also do

McConnell: Dem Budget Means More Debt, Taxes, Spending & Never Balances

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding the proposed budget by Senate Democrats that increases spending, raises taxes and never balances: “Last week, I noted that the Senate Democrat budget was one of the most extreme, most unbalanced pieces of legislation we’ve

Rep. Van Hollen On Immigration Reform: "Boehner Will Be Pressured To Allow A Full Vote"

REP. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN (D-MD): Look, Soledad, we're interested in the result and the result is good for the country is to finally get comprehensive immigration reform. What I'm concerned about is that if we're able to get a bill out of the Senate, that we may have trouble getting a vote in the House. But, I ultimately think Speaker Boehner will b

Author Zev Chafets On "Roger Ailes: Off Camera"

Author Zev Chafets talks about his biography of Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes. CHAFETS: One of things that I discovered in the course of writing this book is that Roger is an incredible talent scout. And he also has the soul of a coach, he reminds me of Red Auerbach, you know? He picks out people who can shine and he puts them in a line

Cruz: Obama "Seems Like He Doesn't Want To Recognize Any Limits On Government Power"

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): "And the problem, Sean, if you look at President Obama, it seems like he doesn't want to recognize any limits on government power. I think we need to stand for limits on government power and for individual liberty."

"Special Report" Panel: Extreme Makeover For The GOP?

Steve Hayes, Juan Williams, and Charles Krauthammer discuss the new path forward for the GOP. 

O'Reilly: Is America Still Land Of Opportunity?

O'Reilly compares the success stories of Barack Obama and Ted Cruz.

O'Donnell: Palin "A Comedian First, Political Commentator Second"

O'Donnell defines Palin as a joke: "a comedian first, political commentator second."

Maddow: Republicans Trying To Reintroduce "Compassionate Conservatism"

Rachel Maddow talks with John Brabender, senior strategist for the Rick Santorum 2012 campaign, about how Republicans can improve their image with American voters without violating their core principles.

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