March 18, 2013 Archives

March 18, 2013 Archives

Mark Levin: "The Republican Party Is Going To Split, And There's Going To Be Two Parties"

On the Monday night broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio program, Mark Levin warned the Republican party will split unless RNC chairman Reince Priebus and House Speaker John Boehner are thrown out. MARK LEVIN: The autopsy report. They don't even know how to name a report. The autopsy report. Here's the deal, folks: Reince Pri

Adam Carolla On Being Called "Racist" For Criticizing Entitlements

Adam Carolla addresses the Huffington Post calling him racist after he had a tense interview with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom about welfare and minorities. According to O'Reilly, Carolla was basically saying "some of the welfare doled out in America is because the family structure has broken down in many minority communities." The Huffingto

Krauthammer On RNC's 2012 Autopsy: "I'm Not Sure You Want The RNC Deciding On Ideology"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I'm not sure the word autopsy is the most felicitous, since it generally applies to a corpse. I'm not sure I would have chosen it, but it's out there. Look, I think there is a difference here between ideology and technique. I'm not sure you want the RNC deciding on ideology. We had a good debate at CPAC. You can see the outline

Carney: "I Don't Know" If Obama Has Visited Benghazi Survivors

JAMES ROSEN, FOX NEWS: Different subject, if I may. I checked for this in recent briefings and didn’t find that it had been addressed, at least on camera. Does the White House take a position on whether the various lawmakers who have been seeking access to the Benghazi survivors should, in fact, have that access? JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRES

Dr. Ben Carson: Rand Paul Impresses Me

SEAN HANNITY: Who do you like, when you look at the different people out there, that potentially could run. Who impresses you? DR. BENJAMIN CARSON: I certainly like the individual you just had on, Rand Paul. And it's not just because he's a doctor, like I am. He thinks quite logically, and, you know, he has courage. He's willing to take position

Sen. Rand Paul: "Conservatism Has To Be Modified"

HANNITY: Do you identify yourself as more a libertarian conservative? People ask me, I'm a registered conservative in New York, I consider myself a Reagan conservative. How do you -- is libertarian fair or -- do you shun that? Do you like that? Do you embrace it, what? RAND PAUL: It depends what people mean by it. I use the term constitutional

Carney Gets In Fight With Colorado Reporter Who Asked If Obama Plans "To Cut Back On His Travel"

REPORTER FROM COLORADO: One question from Colorado. JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: From Colorado, sure. REPORTER: All right. I wanted to follow up on this young woman’s question about the high unemployment out in places like Colorado, all around the country, especially in the minority communities -- exceptionally high unemployme

Hume: Obama Went From "Up Yours" To "I Want To Get Together"

BRIT HUME: It was a remarkably sudden conversion by the President from an attitude of, you know, 'up yours, I don’t need you' to 'I want to get together and talk with all of you.' Of course, the Republican leaders in Congress were I think smart enough not to act skeptical about it and they all said they thought this was fine and good and the more

Buchanan: "Rand Paul-Ron Paul-Pat Buchanan" Anti-Interventionism On The Rise

PAT BUCHANAN: "I think Bill Kristol is pretty much on all fours with Lindsey Graham and John McCain. And I think the country — even the Republican Party, which is still very hawkish, I think has soured on the wars. I mean, what did we gain with all these losses in blood and treasure and diversion and all the rest of it? And they don’t want any

Hillary Clinton Comes Out In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explains why she supports marriage equality for lesbian and gay couples. "America is at its best when we champion the freedom and dignity of every human being," Clinton said in a video produced by the Human Rights Campaign, a pro-same-sex marriage advocacy group.

RNC's Priebus Gives Autopsy On 2012 Loss: "Our Message Was Weak; Our Ground Game Was Insufficient"

RNC CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS: When Republicans lost in November, it was a wakeup call. And in response I initiated the most public and most comprehensive post-election review in the history of any national party. We wanted an assessment that was frank, thorough, and transparent. To get a fresh start, we had to be honest with ourselves and with vo

Ed Rendell: CPAC Was A "Sideshow"

Democratic strategist and fmr. Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) and The Grio’s Joy Reid discuss the GOP “reboot,” and the party’s misconceptions about the direction the country is heading in.

Pat Caddell Rails Against Political Consultants At CPAC

Pat Caddell slams the CLEC, the consultant, lobbyist, and establishment complex at CPAC.

Plouffe On Potentially Running Hillary 2016: "I'll Accept the Call...Even If It's At 3 AM"

When asked what he would say if Hillary Clinton asked him to run her presidential campaign in 2016, former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe says he would tell her, "No, I will not run your campaign...because I'm done with that." However, he praised Clinton and said he would accept the call. "All I know is I'll accept the call whenever she

Michael Steele Hits Priebus: "I Won, And He Didn't"

Michael Steele responds to a swipe made by his successor, RNC Chair Reince Priebus.

Dickerson: GOP Voters See Party As "Scary, Narrow-Minded"

(CBS News) The Republican National Committee released a comprehensive report on Monday, detailing Republican failures in the 2012 elections and putting forward recommendations for an image overhaul. "The top of this report is all about the big problem in the Republican party," CBS News political director John Dickerson said about the GOP's inabi

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