Krauthammer: Ted Cruz "Appeared A Little Bit Offensive" In Attack On Dianne Feinstein


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, it's an interesting exchange. In the end, [Senator Ted] Cruz overshot. His question was, his argument was you wouldn't tamper with the first amendment on free speech for example, the way you're tampering with the second in restricting it by making some weapons illegal. And the answer that Feinstein ended up with, suggested by Dick Durbin was yes, we do with the first amendment when we outlaw pornography. So that is a large category of speech that is illegal, and that therefore it isn't absolute every right in the first or the second or the fourth amendment is one that you cannot touch. So, I thought Cruz was -- also the manner which he asked it, I think it appeared a little bit offensive. I don't think Cruz helped himself, but on the general argument, Feinstein side, even though it won in committee, is going to lose. It has no chance in the House and it will probably lose in the Senate. (Special Report, March 14, 2013)

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