Van Jones: "Rand Paul Was A Hero Yesterday"


VAN JONES: Well let me just say, I might shock a lot of people as somebody, you know I love this president and I respect this president, Rand Paul was a hero yesterday, and what I've been hearing is a lot of shame from liberals and progressives who felt like geez, we should be up there sticking up for civil liberties and we should be the ones asking those tough questions.

I think that this is a very important watershed moment. We are in a situation now where we have new technologies, as Will said I'm agreeing with Will, put it in the newspaper, this undefined, ill- defined war and we have not had the conversation we need to have.

What Rand Paul did yesterday was he used the filibuster the way it's supposed to be used. It shouldn't just be a post-it you stick on a door someplace to gum up the government. You should stand there and do it the way he did it and this is an important issue. And we should be talking about it a lot more.

I don't think that the American public has a clear view of what this administration thinks is the limits of power are when it comes to drone strikes and it's important we have the conversation. It's wrong to call it a stunt. What's a stunt is when they put the post-it on the door and slip the thing under the table and you don't know who is filibustering. This was not a stunt. This was democracy.

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