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Woodward To Sperling: "Yes" We Can Put Email Exchange Behind Us

Washington Post's Bob Woodward explains his public back-and-forth with the White House over a story he wrote about the sequester.

BOB SCHIEFFER: But, basically, what you said was, look, I'm a grown person. I've been around a long time, these things don't-- don't bother me, but you kind of worry that maybe more inexperienced reporters might be intimidated by such.

BOB WOODWARD: Look, like-- like all White Houses, they don't like to be challenged. I spent months on this book, and there-- there's a part of the reporting that's not in the book that I did a column a week ago for the Post and showed that the White House was really came up with the idea of this sequester. It's-- it's an awful world, automatic spending cuts. And they didn't like that, and I have had a back and forth with Gene Sperling. Now today, this morning, I understand he said, you know--

BOB SCHIEFFER: What he said was, "I hope we can put this behind us."

BOB WOODWARD: And-- and the answer is yes. You know, he's a peacemaker. I am in the business of listening, and I'm going to invite him over to my house if he'll come and, hopefully, he'll bring others from the White House, or maybe the President himself, and we can-- you know, this is-- talking really works.

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