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Matthews: How Does Obama "Avoid Personal Harm When The Country Rises Up In Anger?"

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On Thursday, Chris Matthews, John Nichols, and Michael Scherer, talk about sequestration and how America's political leaders are dealing with the matter and the possibility of a government shutdown. Matthews, in his opening monologue, predicts that the American public will be outraged over the spending cuts. He suggests that

Matthews: "How does Barack Obama escape this frightening axe coming down sharpl and brutally on his presidency? How does he avoid personal harm when the country rises up in anger? When the army and naval bases stop writing checks? When people stop shopping because they don't have salaries? When the airports seize up because the air traffic controllers are cut? When the bitching and yelping reach up to the White House gates themselves? What will we do when the government itself shuts down because Congress won't authorize another nickel in spending?"

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