Krauthammer: Obama Only Left Out "Pestilence, Earthquake, Brimstone And Plague" In Sequester Warning


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, they know that they really overshot it. It was the president himself. He could have had surrogates out there. But you know, the only thing left out of his litany of catastrophe was pestilence, earthquake, brimstone and plague. I mean it’s actually hilarious that he goes through all of this. And now all of the sudden, having discovered that the Republicans aren't going to budge and that he hasn't won the propaganda war, all of the sudden it's a tumble down, it's not a cliff. And it is tumble down and I think the Republicans have to be armed.

I think they have the upper hand to date because of the scare tactics. But if they want to stay ahead of the game, they got to do two things. They have to emphasize that they are offering the president authority over how the spending cuts are done. The Senate has rejected it. The president has said he would not accept it, he'd exercise a veto. They have to explain, if the president says we have to do 'x,' we have to cut the TSA, we have to curtail meat inspection, they have to say everyday that we've offered the president utter discretion on how to spend the money and he chooses that it should be the meat inspection and not the consultants and the wasteful meetings that they have in expensive hotels.

And secondly, the Republicans ought to highlight every day all of these useless, obsolete or idiotic stuff happening in the federal government. It isn’t hard to find. Every year, Sen. Coburn compiles a list of all this waste and stuff, it’s all out there. What you do is an example a day, every day and say to the administration why didn’t you cut x, which is laughable? And instead, you cut police or teachers. (Special Report, February 28, 2013)

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