Bill Kristol: Political Debate Around Sequester Is "Pathetic"


CHRIS WALLACE, "FOX NEWS SUNDAY" MODERATOR: You know, it's interesting, Bill, a top White House official was so sensitive about the Woodward column that he called me last night and he said, look, it is a complete revisionist history. We accepted this -- the all cuts to the sequestration, just as a way to get the trigger. Nobody expected it to happen, and if we had wanted all spending cuts, we could have made that deal with the senators -- with the House Republicans back in August of 2011. And there wouldn't have been any sequestration.

BILL KRISTOL, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Look, the White House proposed it originally, so the White House is being misleading recently when they deny that, and on the other hand, a majority of Republicans in Congress voted for it. So they both accepted it as a trigger, as a kind of fail/safe mechanism

It will be too horrible to contemplate, and now it is happening. And it is just pathetic, really, that this is a political debate about Democrats -- I hate to sound like some -- you know, we are how many months away from the next election? It's kind of a long way. This is the kind of thing -- it's September of the election year, you understand, OK, you're not going to get a compromise for the national interest. Really, in February? Right after a national election, you people can't rise above this side (ph) thing? The president of the United States does stupid campaign events with people -- with emergency responders behind them as props. The Republicans in the House sit around saying, oh, hey, let it go in, we're tough guys, we're going to stand up to the -- what about the military? Let them go to the bases in their home states and say, explain the cutting back on training and not sending the second aircraft carrier to the Gulf --

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