Krauthammer: Obama's Speech "About Spending Your Way To Prosperity"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it was a very effective address, he did what he had to do. It started with one sort of political objective, which was to get way out front on the sequester issues, the deadline coming up on March 1, painting the Republicans as the party of the rich, protecting loopholes and he is the defender of the middle class, Medicare, all of this other stuff. Important to do, he hit hard and he did it early in his speech when I presume he had the largest audience and the rest is sort an explanation of his political philosophy.

It's a philosophy of solidarity, one citizen helping another, that's the theme, that's how he ended, by describing all the good deeds these citizens had done, that the essence of Americans looking after each other and the heart of the speech.

The middle of the speech, was activist government which helps that solidarity, which is the glue and he talked about unbelievably sort of numerous initiatives which are all going to involve spending at a time of 16 trillion dollars of debt. So he didn't look as if he's that interested in solving the debt issue, but he certainly wants to get activist government back in the game.


KRAUTHAMMER: One of the things that these red state Democrats who are going to go up for re-election in the next year are scared to death about is precisely having to vote. And here was Obama saying over and over again, 'You deserve a vote. You want to be on the record.’ There are a lot Democrats who don’t want to be on the record on all of these issues and I think he will endanger them.

But I think he is looking for his legacy. He's not looking for a Senator here or there in the Congress. He wants to be remembered for a man who changed America, that’s what he said. [He] started with Obamacare, and now this litany of programs. You know, he says, 'you can’t cut your way to prosperity.' This speech is about spending your way to prosperity.

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