CNN's Crowley Asks Panel If Dr. Carson's Speech Was "Offensive"


"State of the Union" moderator Candy Crowley asks Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky if she found Dr. Ben Carson's address National Prayer Breakfast address offensive.

CROWLEY: Well, so this was really interesting, number one, for the venue, number two, for the person doing this. Not a -- I mean, he may be a political person, but it was the first time I have seen him on the national stage. What did you think of that?

HUTCHISON: Well, it reminded me of the prayer breakfast I went to when Mother Teresa was talking and Bill and Hillary Clinton were sitting there, and she was talking about how bad abortion is. And it was so uncomfortable in the room watching that.

And I'm told that the Prayer Breakfast with this gentleman was the same. But I think his -- his other point, his main point was political correctness has just gone beyond bizarre, and we have got to come down to reality here and people have got to be able to kind of relax and talk about how they want to talk, and, you know, I just thought it was a great message.

CROWLEY: Did you find anything offensive with -- well, certainly it's America, he's entitled to his opinion. A lot of the talk was about was this the right place to do it? And there was lots of applause from Republicans who said, finally somebody stood up and said it.

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