Lt. Col. Bill Cowan: Slippery Slope Could Allow Drone Killings Of Americans Inside U.S.


LT. COL. BILL COWAN, FOX NEWS: Quite a contrast, Sean. No question about it. Even if Romney had won the presidency and this news had just been leaked, you know the left would be all over him, blaming him for this memo that was written back sometime. Sean, I have no problem with the drone program. I don't have a real problem with waterboarding, if it saves American lives.

The issue with the drone program is -- and I have no problem with killing Americans overseas, who are a part of a terrorist organization. This issue is, is this the beginning of a slippery slope that we don't see any real boundaries to? How long does it take to go from killing Americans overseas with drones to killing Americans here in this country with drones?

And I'll remind you and your audience that DHS had a memo here a couple years ago that said veterans of the war, Second Amendment supporters and anti-abortion people and anti-immigration people were all potential terrorists. So you see this threat kind of making its way to the point where drones are used in the United States. (Hannity, February 6, 2013)

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