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Michelle Malkin vs. Juan Williams On Obama's List Of Broken Promises

Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams argue about the consequences of Obamacare and the affect it has had on medical supply companies and small businesses.

MICHELLE MALKIN: Reality check. I may not be a 'real journalist' like you Juan, but I'm not a pollyanna either. And out here in the real world, the effects of Obamacare, including the medical device tax that is cutting R&D and causing layoffs across the country in the most innovative firms. The fact that so many people who were intending to go into medicine are no longer going into medicine. Thank you, brain drain, a big consequence now of Obamacare.

And the fact that so many small businesses, doctors, who were individual practitioners are either bailing and retiring all together or going into concierge care. Have you heard that term? Do you know the trends now of people who are shutting down their practices as they used to be constituted, dropped insurance all together, where now only the wealthiest can pay for care. Congratulations, Obamacare. Heckuvajob. (Hannity, February 6, 2013)

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