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Dick Morris Addresses 2012 Predictions In Interview With Piers Morgan

Former FOX contributor Dick Morris tells CNN's Piers Morgan what he thinks cost Mitt Romney the election. Morris also explains his terribly wrong predictions about the 2012 race. (via Mediaite)

PIERS MORGAN, CNN: You know this, and you know that people are laughing at you, mocking you, and so on. How does that make you feel, given you've been so respected for so long until this period?

DICK MORRIS: Well, I have gotten 30 senators and governors elected, 14 presidents and prime ministers. The president of the United States twice. And -- one and a half, I worked with others in the first go around. So I'm OK on that score. But the real issue is why did Romney lose? Well, the immediate answer is the storm. And in fact I wrote a column, I was just showing you, four days before Election Day entitled "In the Last Few Hours" --

MORGAN: You mean Hurricane Sandy?

MORRIS: Yes. "In the Last Few Hours Certain Danger Signs in Polling," saying that Obama could be coming back because of the storm. The fact of the matter is that before Hurricane Sandy started, Obama was trailing Mitt Romney. In Gallup and Rasmussen, and virtually all of the major polling, because he had lost the first debate, not recovered in the second, and gotten a little bit better in the third.

And nobody could tell the impact of Sandy. Fifteen percent of the voters made up their minds in the last 72 hours. And they cited Sandy as number one.

MORGAN: But it wasn't just Sandy, it's when the numbers finally came in for Obama, he just cleaned Romney's clock. I mean, he did. And unfortunately for you guys, it was a really bad beating in the end. It wasn't even close, it wasn't a nail biter, it wasn't a surprise Obama ran in the end clearly a much better campaign.

MORRIS: Well --

MORGAN: And you can't just honestly, Dick, blame a storm and say --

MORRIS: Well --

MORGAN: -- that's swung it completely to Obama.

MORRIS: Well -- MORGAN: Obama was going to win without the storm.

MORRIS: Well, I prefer to believe that CNN's polling was accurate, wouldn't you?

MORGAN: I think all the polls should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

MORRIS: I think that --

MORGAN: I really do, and I think that Nate Silver actually was the guy --

MORRIS: Yes. But he doesn't work for CNN.

MORGAN: He doesn't. But we had him on this show three or four times.


And Nate Silver kept looking me in the eye and saying, all the pundits are wrong, all the polls are misleading.

MORRIS: Right.

MORGAN: Obama is going to win this easily.


And he was doing it for pure number crunching.

MORRIS: The question -- the question really is why Obama won so -- by such a margin. And I think the answer is that there has been a fundamental demographic shift in the United States. And I thought that it -- have surfaced in '08 because of a charismatic candidate. Then I thought we'd go back down again and it did in '10. They didn't show up. But in '12, they showed up again in huge numbers. And eight million whites stayed home. And I think the Republican Party has got to change in fundamental ways otherwise it will never win another election.


MORGAN: What people are asking is why FOX not interested now on your views or whether Republicans want you to go?


MORRIS: Hey, I don't -- I don't know what FOX is interested in or not.

MORGAN: But they must have told you, isn't it?

MORRIS: Well, I had a wonderful talk with Roger Ales, who I really respect, a week ago. And he said in this business, you're up, you're down, nothing is final or fatal.

MORGAN: But why are you down now as far as --

MORRIS: Because I was wrong, and I was wrong at the top of my lungs. The other part of this is women. We have to get rid --


MORGAN: Hang on a minute. Let's just -- people are interested in this, you know that, they fired you because you were wrong. But a lot of people on FOX were calling it wrong, why you? Why have you been singled out?

MORRIS: I don't know. I don't know. Why don't you invite them and ask?


MORGAN: But do you know the answer?

MORRIS: No, I don't. I don't. I think I was wrong at the top of my lungs, maybe I'm being made a poster child for that. But --

MORGAN: Do you resent the decision?

MORRIS: Look, FOX has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. Fifteen years, 3,000 interviews. And at some point a great marriage has to come to an end. Now we're not --


MORRIS: Well, apart from whether you blame FOX or not, I'm not going to get into that. But I believe that the Republicans were horribly hurt among women by the crazy extremists who said that rape won't make you pregnant and it's an act of god. I think on the other hand the Democrats are hurt by those who say third trimester abortions are fine.

We have to understand what Bill Clinton said. Abortion should be rare. And we have to understand that we're not going to be overturned by the court. Roe is not going anywhere while Obama is president. So Republicans should say let's all work together on steps to reduce the number of abortions, because none of us think it's good.

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