David Corn: Justification For Obama Drone Program "Almost Orwellian"


DAVID CORN: I think you just pointed out, as have others, that three major contentious points of this memo, the problems that are there, because I think -- I'm sympathetic to the argument that in some instances you've got to use drone strikes when there's no other opportunity, but the definition of imminence is really stretched here. It's almost Orwellian. And when you get to a high-level official, the memo seems to suggest that you can do this without anyone vetting the decision of a single person, and whether that's the president or anybody else, it doesn't even state. I think that's also a gigantic problem.

And the fact that the memo doesn't go into, but you have 11 members of the Senate, 8 Democrats and 3 Republicans, who have asked the White House to turn over the legal memos that this sort of sums up, that cover these drone strikes, and the White House has so far been reluctant to do so is another problem. You want oversight. If you believe this has to happen, then Congress or the judicial branch, at least somebody within the executive branch has to be reviewing this. (Martin Bashir, February 5, 2013)

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