Rendell: If Hillary Decides To Run, Obama Will Have To Tell Biden To Step Aside


FMR. GOV. ED RENDELL (D-PA): Well, I think the signal is that President Obama has an incredible level of appreciation for the way that she conducted her business and the way they came together as individuals. Not just as partners, but as individuals. I think down the road if Hillary decides to run, President Obama will be the sort of peacemaker who talks to the vice president.

I love Joe Biden, I think he has done a great job. I think he may be the best vice president in my lifetime. But, you can't stand in the way of history, and history is poised for the first woman president if Hillary Clinton chooses to go down that road. So, I think the president will be a key factor in helping to make that happen, just like Bill Clinton was a key factor in helping the president in '12 and Hillary herself after she lost in the primaries as a key factor in getting Senator Obama elected president in '08. (Andrea Mitchell Reports, January 29, 2013)

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