Hume: I Must Have Missed "60 Minutes" Giving Bush A Friendly Interview


BRIT HUME: You didn't hear it on "60 Minutes" but President Obama, like many a president before him, is unhappy with the press. In a separate weekend interview with the liberal political journal The New Republic, he grumbled about FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. Nothing unexpected there. But Mr. Obama also complained that the reporters generally, in an effort to be impartial, treat the Democrats and Republicans as equivalent, balancing the views of one side with the other.

They fail, he said, to note one side is trying to do what is right, and "we haven't seen that kind of attitude on the other side." Never mind that the president at that moment was being interviewed by one of his campaign donors and supporters, who is now also the owner of The New Republic. And never mind that he basically whistled up "60 Minutes" on short notice to sit down with him and his Secretary of State for an interview whose theme could have been described as "Just How Great Is His Relationship Between You Two."

I must have missed the friendly interviews "60 Minutes" did with President Bush and departing Secretary of State Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice. Well, you say, Mr. Bush would never have offered one. That may be true, but it is also true that if he did, he would have never gotten the same treatment this president has received from "60 Minutes" and nearly all the rest of the press. (Special Report, January 28, 2013)

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