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Limbaugh: Krauthammer, Some Conservatives Occasionally Lay Off Obama To Maintain Credibility

RUSH: I want to go back to an earlier sound bite that I played on this program. I have received more than the usual number of emails about something. I get e-mails from people who complain, conservatives who are unhappy or disappointed with something they see, or somebody they see or hear in what they think is conservative media. They'll send me e-mails, either to point it out or ask me why.

Last night I got a flood worth of those. I didn't see it, but apparently the Fox All Stars -- Stephen Hayes, Dr. Krauthammer, a number of them -- thought Obama was perfectly reasonable yesterday. Everything was cool. No real problem here. He's not gonna be able to get much of it done, but a lot of it was really reasonable what Obama proposed. E-mails said, "My God, Rush, what's happening? Even Fox!" (audio via MP)


By the way, not just about them. It could be Kudlow, could be Scarborough, could be any number of conservative people in the media. I get e-mails when those people say something that they think is not conservative. The answer is that these people don't want to appear to be opposed to Obama every day.

They don't want somebody saying of them what Maria Cardona said of me. "Well, yeah, Limbaugh's Limbaugh. No matter what Obama does, he's gonna be against it." That, in their world, automatically disqualifies me. My opposition to Obama's not based in substance, you see, according to them. I am opposing Obama just 'cause I don't like Obama and that's it, and he couldn't ever do anything that I would like.

Obama could never do anything I would support! So Limbaugh, he's not serious. And these people, folks, all want to be taken seriously. It's just my wild theory. I could be dead wrong. But when the people you're sending me e-mails about see an opportunity to agree with Obama on what they think is something harmless, they'll do it so as to maintain some credibility, or at least so as not to have it said about them what Maria Cardona said about me.

The difference is, they very much care what people say about them. I perhaps should, but I don't. I care about what you believe, and my relationship with you as my audience. Other media people are not my audience, and certainly journalists are not my audience, and people inside the Beltway and politicians are not my audience. You are. So my only effort here objective is to be up front and honest with you every day.

I don't care about what anybody thinks other than you.

I do value my credibility with you. I'm not gonna say things that are untrue in order to have credibility with you. I do not let my desire to have credibility with you lead me to dishonesty, for example. But I think for the serious commentator and serious pundit (snooty elitist impression), "One of the most insulting things that could be said about them is that they're mindlessly against Obama -- I mean, constantly! They never ever say anything positive about the man. You can't take them seriously."

They don't want to go there at all.

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