Krauthammer On Te'o: "Dangerously Naive, Deeply Deceptive Or Delusional"


Dr. Charles Krauthammer psychoanalyzes Manti Te'o on Special Report.

KRAUTHAMMER: I did see [and] hear strange stories when I was a psychiatrist, but this one, I probably resign the case because the only three explanations; the guy is dangerously naive, deeply deceptive or delusional.

Dangerously naive, but then how could he have spoken about her twice after he learned it was a hoax? The deceptive still is out there but it requires some craziness to think that this isn't going to be discovered. This is a person [that] dies, it's checkable. And the last is -- I mean you almost have to go that he is delusional, but obviously there is nothing in his life that would indicate he is.

I mean, when he goes after a quarterback to tackle him he doesn't, you know, run after a ghost at the other end of the field. The guy who lives in the real world, it seems. I have no explanation. I guess the real question is the only one we ever ask since Watergate. What did you know and when did he know it? Who was behind this?

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