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Carney Won't Say How Much Obama Wants To Raise Debt Ceiling By

White House press secretary Jay Carney avoids questions on how much President Obama would like to raise the debt ceiling.

Carney: There is a long tradition here of Congress acting to raise the debt ceiling. This is a power that they've given themselves to do, and the point is, without drama and delay. A monthly extension is drama. So Congress should simply do its job We're not going to negotiate over extending the debt ceiling.

Carney: I think the president made clear the other day that he would happily take on the responsibility himself if Congress can't handle it. So the fact is: Congress should simply extend the debt ceiling. And do so in a manner that causes no concern to the economy and to global markets. That does not in any way suggest that Washington is about to engage in another process that results in a self-inflicted wound to the economy. Its sort of a moot point. It should be extended in a way that does not raise concerns about whether or not the United States of America pays its bills.

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