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Santelli: Dysfunction In Congress Is Not The Cause, It's The Effect

Santelli: What time is it? It's time for the Santelli exchange. This one’s gonna be a bit fun, but there's a little nefarious activity below the surface as well. Cause/effect. I like cause/effect. And most of the time we do it in everyday life and we don't even know it. I have a friend who said that after Notre Dame lost, he said every time I bet on them, they lose. I’m sure his betting didn’t cause Notre Dame to lose. Just like milk and knees. That's always a good one. Since most drug addicts start out as babies drinking milk, milk causes drug addiction. Or knees. My knees hurt; it's going to rain. His knees didn't cause the rain. You get it. Cause/effect. Now for the more nefarious aspect. Government dysfunction. I counted 14 times yesterday that I heard that dysfunction in the government is the main cause of our problems. That's the effect. You know what the main cause of our problems are? We have problems that we need to solve, politicians who know how to solve them, except for solving them is not only going to be painful for everybody, it's going to be painful for each of their bases. So dysfunction ensues. But dysfunction certainly is not the cause. Just like, ratings downgrades aren’t caused by that dysfunction. They are caused by inability to deal with spending, entitlements, and debt.

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