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Limbaugh: Moderate Republicans, Obama See Conservatives As The Enemy

RUSH: Let me tell you what I think, and I'm gonna tell you this in a balanced way -- a balanced and fair way. What I think is really going on here is our president, Barack Obama, if you'll note, really never talks about plans and proposals to solve problems. What he does is position his political opponents as the enemy. Everything he did today in the debt limit Q&A in his press conference, and even in the setup, was about the enemy. The Republicans are the enemy. (audio via Daily Rushbo)


RUSH: I'm trying to come up with an easy way for everybody to understand what's going on. For example, when Colin Powell -- and I've got these sound bites, and I've had so many e-mails from people, "What in the world?" I mean, here you have the titular head of the Republican Party going on Meet the Press, accusing the conservatives being racist, new racists, using racist lingo and so forth, and people are scratching their heads. They know that Powell endorsed Obama, but why is he still a Republican? People are asking me, "Would you explain what Powell's doing." It's not just Powell. It's every other moderate Republican and the Democrats.

I'm telling you that the way to understand this debt limit thing, for example, the way to understand the fiscal cliff deal, the way to understand anything going on in Washington right now -- I mean this from the bottom of my heart -- is to understand that the objective, the political objective inside the Beltway is to eliminate any effective opposition to the Democrat Party. And yes, Republican moderates are complicit in this because they, too, dislike conservatives. Republican moderates hold out hope that the Republicans will win the White House again someday, and they will be in charge of all the money. A Republican moderate doesn't talk about reducing the size of government, doesn't talk about reducing spending. They just say they're smarter and better at it, and they won't go into debt as fast, but the conservatives are the problem.

The conservatives -- and the latest example is Richard Mourdock. See, if you let the Tea Party and the conservatives handle this, they're gonna nominate losers in the primaries. They don't have any prayer of winning. We had a seat there, the Lugar seat, we lost it because the Tea Party conservatives are a bunch of neophytes and idiots, plus they're conservative. So the objective, the moderate Republicans -- and this isn't new. I've mentioned this to you on previous occasions -- really want to eliminate the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Don't like 'em, pro-lifers, churchgoers, that sort of thing. The Democrats don't like 'em for different reasons, but they don't like 'em, don't like conservatives. And Obama modus operandi is to not have any opposition.

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