Krauthammer: Obama Presser "Over The Top," Essentially "Libel"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The tone of this address was quite remarkable. He talked about Republicans being suspicious of Social Security and Medicare by the oldest saw that you could hear.

And then he added -- and suspicious of the government's role in making sure that impoverished children get food. Now that's a little bit over the top. That's essentially libel. And then he said 'Oh yes, I love hanging out at a Congressional picnics with these people who want to starve America's children.' Interesting invitation. And then he did this thing, he went over and over on the debt ceiling. He must have gone through the same idea 15 times, and saying this is about honoring our obligations, paying the bills we have already incurred.

But what he said seven years ago as a Senator was that raising the debt ceiling is how 'we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies.' The point of raising the debt ceiling is to allow to us to continue to borrow, that's the essence of what it's about. He talked about the debt ceiling a dozen times. Not once did he use the word 'borrow.' And what it means is we are going to continue to borrow for every dollar the government spends, only 60 cents of it come from our taxes. The rest, 40%, is borrowed money. And the reason that the Republicans are objecting, is to say we have to start to reduce the 40 cents. And he's pretending as if, if you even think about that, you are destroying the credit of the United States of America.

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