Hume: Obama News Conference Was "Strikingly Aggressive And Partisan"


Brit Hume on today's news conference with President Obama: If you heard it and you didn't know when it was, you might think that the election campaign was still in full swing. I mean it was unusually partisan. Most presidents, you know, they may make sort of quiet references to other party. This president is more directly partisan under normal circumstance than any president I can remember. And I think he senses that the Republican party is in bad odor with the public and that he can deepen that problem for them, it softens them up to do things his way. But he was strikingly aggressive and partisan.

Hume on upcoming debt ceiling fight: This is a place where the Republicans have more leverage than did in the recent fight over the so-called fiscal cliff. What was at the center of that was the fact that the law was already going to raise taxes on everybody. And that was a fact of life that Republicans cruelly could never get around which is why they basically, you know, had to go around for. By the time they voted on it was tax cut for most people. This situation is different, the debt ceiling doesn't get raised by itself. And it has to be done. And everybody knows it has to eventually be done. So they understand, it's not a popular step, as the president's own vote against it shows. You know, they are trying to extract some spending cuts as a price for that. And the president is accusing them wanting to the lame the halt and the blind and the children and the elderly people out in the cold. This is a real partisan brawl.

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