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O'Reilly: "There Will Be A Constitutional Crisis In America"

O'REILLY: So just shut up and pay. All right? Don't be asking for anything, just pay. It's Mr. Obama's way or the high way. And again, he could use an executive order to ignore the debt ceiling and I will not be surprised if he does.

So what we have here is not a failure to communicate as they once said in the movie "Cool Hand Lou." But a president who believes he can do what he wants to do with little accountability. He's already signed an executive order changing immigration rules. That was done in the middle of the night. Few even know about it.

If this continues there will be a constitutional crisis in America. Unfortunately we the people are slow to understand what's actually happening here. There is no collaboration going on in Washington right now. The President is not able to persuade Republicans to see it his way. And now he's not even trying to do that.

Mr. Obama is hell bent on changing the USA. And in his mind, no one is going to stop him.

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