Dem Rep. Schakowsky: "The Tragedy Is Not Doing Anything" About Guns


SOLEDAD O'BRIEN, CNN: Like the NRA. And so, I guess, let's take a look at Chicago, your city. What would the solution there be that would bring down what is an insanely high murder rate in that city from 2012 and is already on track two weeks into the year to be a very high murder rate in that city? What is the solution, in your mind?

REP. JAN SCHAKOWSKY (D-IL): Well, there's no question that universal background checks would be very, very important, so that people -- you know that 40 percent of the guns that are purchased are purchased without such a background check, through private dealers, through gun shows. If they had to get a background check, we could eliminate some of those purchases.

Clearly, these large capacity ammunition clips, the assault magazines, if we were to eliminate those, that would help. We're moving away from guns that we used to know about to these powerful military-style weapons. And we can do something to reduce that.

CHRIS FRATES, REPORTER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: Representative, Chris Frates here. I wonder, when the vice president spoke yesterday, he didn't mention a ban on assault rifles. And I wonder, are you reading into that at all? I mean, is that going to be too politically difficult? Are we taking it off the table before we start?

SCHAKOWSKY: Well, I don't think so. Certainly, the president had mentioned that reinstatement of the assault weapons ban was one of his priorities. But you know, even data collection, it's incredible that the NRA has prevented even the Centers for Disease Control from collecting the kind of data we need in order to be able to monitor the kind of violence that we're seeing in our communities.

And so I think -- and the vice president has met with Hollywood and with the video game people and dealing with mental health. So there are many solutions, but the tragedy is not doing anything, and that's what it seems that the NRA is about.

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