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Ben Shapiro: History Is Replete With Democracies Going Tyrannical

MORGAN: I know the Second Amendment. What I haven't heard is one coherent reason for why an civilian in American needs an AR-15 military style assault weapon. Tell me why you need one.

SHAPIRO: I told you why the general population of America, law abiding --

MORGAN: Why do they need those weapons?

SHAPIRO: They need them for the prospective possibility of resistance to tyranny, which is not a concern today. It may not be a concern tomorrow.

MORGAN: Where do you expect the tyranny to come from?

SHAPIRO: It could come from the United States, because governments have gone tyrannical before, Piers.

MORGAN: Do you understand how absurd you sound?

SHAPIRO: Here's where you go into the absurd and the bullying.


MORGAN: I'm not the one who came in here and accused you of standing on the graves of dead children.

SHAPIRO: Because you're the one who is doing that.


SHAPIRO: You know what I call it? Punching back twice as hard. MORGAN: That's what I call bullying.

SHAPIRO: Astonishing.

MORGAN: What is astonishing?

SHAPIRO: What's astonishing about it is that for weeks now, you have been saying that anybody who disagrees with your position is absurd, idiotic, and doesn't care about the kids in Sandy Hook. Then when I say that that's a bullying tactic, you turn around and say I'm bullying you for saying that. It's absurd. It's ridiculous.

MORGAN: Let me ask you again, what is the point of a civilian having an AR-15?

SHAPIRO: The point of a civilian having an AR-15 assault weapon -- many of them are ex-military. Right, I have military friends. I don't have a problem with Colin Powell owning an AR-15 assault weapon.


SHAPIRO: It depends on the civilian.

MORGAN: Forget criminals, the mentally ill.


MORGAN: An average civilian without a criminal record, why do they need one?

SHAPIRO: To protect against the possibility of eventual government tyranny. This was the purpose of the Second Amendment originally. It remains the purpose of the Second Amendment now. And pretending that governments have never gone usurpations before --

MORGAN: You genuinely believe your own government is going to turn on you in a way that you require an AR-15 to challenge them? You really believe that will happen in modern day America? Is that what you think?

SHAPIRO: They may not turn on me. They may not turn on my children. But the fact is this, history is replete with democracies going tyrannical. It has happened. It happened in France in the 19th century. It happened in Spain in the last century. It happened in Germany. It happened in Italy. It happened in Japan.

MORGAN: The reason we cannot remove AR-15 assault weapons is because the threat of your own government turning on you in a tyrannical way?


MORGAN: That is your position?

SHAPIRO: It is because there are countervailing rights and responsibilities. (CROSS TALK)

SHAPIRO: I don't understand why you can't -- why can't we agree about reasonable law.


MORGAN: You have made your point crystal clear. People aren't stupid. They can make up their own minds. Ben Shapiro, thank you.

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