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Al Sharpton, Toure Discuss If Obama Belongs On Mount Rushmore

MSNBC: Conservatives have long argued the President Reagan should join the faces on Mount Rushmore, but does President Obama belong there too? MSNBC’s Toure and Abby Huntsman of HuffPost Live join Al Sharpton to discuss.

Toure also wondered if we did decide to put Reagan's face on Rushmore, would a sculptor from the Ku Klux Klan do the deed?

AL SHARPTON, HOST: Toure, what about those who say that Obama isn't ready, Reagan should go there (Mount Rushmore) first? What do you say?

TOURE: I'm not ready to put Reagan on Mount Rushmore at all! I mean, we're only talking figuratively, right? They're not literally going to bring out a sculptor -- perhaps another sculptor from the KKK, like the guy who made that Mount Rushmore -- we're not literally going to call up a sculptor and have him chisel a new face.

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