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Limbaugh: Won't Be Long Before Moderate Republicans Say Guns Are Hurting The Party

Limbaugh: I just got a note from Erick Erickson, he's the guest spot on CNN, he's at He's written something here, it says, 'mark the date: it isn't going to be long before moderate Republicans start going on television to push the notion that guns are hurting republicans with independent voters and women, just like abortion; just like how the pro-lifers are hurting republicans; just like immigration. The moderate, spineless, linguine-spine republicans. It won't be long as this controversy heats up. They wilt. It doesn't take republicans long to slink away. They don't like having to stand up and defend what they believe. They'd rather give away a core belief. They'd rather enunciate something that would make them friends with their enemies.

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