Krauthammer: Gun Bans Are Placebos, "It Doesn't Hurt Anybody And You Feel Better"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The country is split in many ways on these issues. But I think in the end what Mara is saying is correct, it's not going to make much difference. I'd be impolite and say that these measures are placebos. As a doctor, I did sustained placebos; it doesn't hurt anybody and you feel better. And you know, it's cheap and a sugar pill.

Look, we had a fairly restrictive assault weapons ban in the mid '90s. It lasted ten years and it had almost zero effect on violence, gun violence. And these measures will have zero effect on the massacres as we saw in Aurora or Tucson. People will have the feeling they have done something, but here is the reason why the ban failed in the mid '90s: it wasn't all the loopholes and the ways to get around the law.

The fact is there are 300 million guns in America today. Unless you take them away, which you can't under our constitution, the Second Amendment. You can prevent the new sales or imports or whatever. They will be around for a hundred years. Therefore, you get no essential result when you do the bans, unless you want to repeal the Second Amendment. That I think is the stark truth. If we had an honest debate, the gun control advocates would say repeal the Second Amendment, and we'd have debate on that. But we can't have an honest debate because you get nowhere in arguing to have a repeal of the Second Amendment. So we have arguments about placebos.

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