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Howard Fineman: Gun Control Is "Legacy Material" For Obama

FINEMAN: Exactly. Now, interestingly, originally, Joe Biden was not going to report, was not going to make his case to the president until after the State of the Union...


FINEMAN: ... until after -- excuse me, until after the inaugural address, and so forth. I think they’re moving up the schedule of this because I think the president is, in fact, going to feature it in -- in -- he’s going to mention it in the inaugural, and I think you’re going to...

MATTHEWS: Is this legacy material?

FINEMAN: This is legacy material. Also, it’s not money material. In other words, we’re broke as a country. There’s going to be a big fight over the debt. We’re going to have another debt ceiling crisis, and so forth. This is a cultural matter that he can deal with, that is legacy material, that isn’t about the budget.

(via Noel Sheppard @ Newsbusters)

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