Fireworks: Scarborough vs. Brzezinski On Lack Of Diversity In Obama's Cabinet


Joe Scarborough and "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski get in an, at times, heated argument over the lack of diversity in the Obama administration and how this would be covered by the media if the president were a Republican.

Scarborough rips Obama for not applying the standards that he expects out of other people to his own administration. Brzezinski often responded to Scarborough with factoids and other talking points.


Scarborough: So you're saying that he's putting policies forward that help women all across America, but at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

Brzezinski: There are women working at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Scarborough: I know there are.

Brzezinski: We're talking about a couple of cabinet positions that are being filled. And one or two names. And it's not just gender, but its exact moment in one's career. It's timing and the international situation; you tell me, is John Kerry right for the job?

Scarborough: Yes.

Brzezinski: Is Chuck Hagel right for the job?

Scarborough: Sure...

Brzezinski: Should we discriminate against them?

Scarborough: So we're doing that now? You're suggesting that there are no women as qualified as the men for these positions.

Brzezinski: I this, the moment has to be right on a number of levels. And I think they're good choices.

Scarborough: You know, maybe we can get a woman as Treasury Secretary. There's an opening there. An opening at Treasury?

Kay: Is that photograph that was alongside that New York Times article yesterday disappointing? Yes of course it's disappointing to see a room full of men beside the president. It would be hard to say that that wasn't the case. But if you look at what the president has done in terms of the supreme court -- advancing two women there -- that is incredibly important.

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