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January 10, 2013 Archives

Bill Frezza: Big Banks Prop Trading With Fed Money
Krauthammer: Gun Bans Are Placebos, "It Doesn't Hurt Anybody And You Feel Better"
Breitbart's Ben Shapiro vs. Piers Morgan On Gun Control
Howard Fineman: Gun Control Is "Legacy Material" For Obama
Glenn Beck's Inside Story On Failed Current TV Bid
Reality Check: Fact-Checking Piers Morgan's Anti-Gun Claims
Barney Frank: "I Don't Want To Be The Indispensable Nation"
Limbaugh: Won't Be Long Before Moderate Republicans Say Guns Are Hurting The Party
Dickerson Analyzes Obama's Cabinet Nominations
Liberal Radio Host Calls For "Birthers" To Shoot Each Other With AR-15s
Biden Hints At Outlawing "Private" Unregulated Gun Sales
Melissa Harris Perry On Cabinet Diversity: Clarence Thomas Doesn't Represent Blacks
Fireworks: Scarborough vs. Brzezinski On Lack Of Diversity In Obama's Cabinet
Rangel: Obama's Record Of Nominating Women Or Minorities "Embarrassing As Hell"
Jon Stewart Slams AIG, Bankers; Says They Put The "A" In "A**hole"
Taco Bell Slashes Hours For Workers To Avoid Obamacare Mandate
Napolitano: Obama Doesn't Have Authority To Impose Gun Control Laws
Fmr. Labor Secretary Chao: Obama "Can Do Better" On Cabinet Diversity
Rove: Brennan Will Face Criticism From The Right & Left
Schultz: Drone Warfare "Unlike The Moral High Ground" Obama Promised
Maddow: GOP "Totally Unprecendented" In Opposing Obama's Nominees
Barney Frank Wants Senate Appointment To "Protect Things That I Care About"
O'Reilly: Most Americans Want Reasonable Restrictions On Powerful Weapons

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