Nancy Pelosi: Taxing Top Earners Even More "Not Off The Table"


BOB SCHIEFFER, CBS NEWS: People who are listening to you this morning are going to say, 'She's talking about more taxes, she's talking about bringing in more in one way or another by increasing taxes.'

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CALI.): One thing I'm not talking about is bringing in more at the expense of the middle class -- at the expense of the middle class. That is not something… and that was what we were fighting all along in this because to the extent that you diminished the tax cut -- the tax change at the high end, you would have to claw down into the middle class to get more revenue.

SCHIEFFER: Are you then saying to the upper classes, 'Get ready, you're going to have to pay some more?' This is not end of it?

PELOSI: Well, I'm saying that it's not off the table.

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