McConnell: No Medicare for Millionaires And Billionaires


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): I have said repeatedly publicly and other members have that until you adjust the eligibility for entitlements, do things like raising the age for Medicare for future beneficiaries, not for those currently receiving or those about to receive, have serious means testing for high income people. You know, Warren Buffett is always complaining about not paying enough taxes. What I'm complaining about is we're paying for his Medicare.

We ought not to be providing these kinds of benefits for millionaires and billionaires. We ought to make sure that the eligibility for entitlements meets the demographics of America. When Social Security was passed back in the '30s, I think the average American lived to be about 61. This year the average male, 79; the average female, 81. We need to adjust these programs for the future so that they'll still be there. The trustees of Medicare and Social Security say that Medicare is going to tank in 10 years.

The question is, are we going to preserve these programs for future beneficiaries? The president should be leading, not being dragged to the table by Republicans who want to solve the biggest problem confronting the future of our nation.

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