James Carville: Hillary Clinton's Detractors Are "Inhumane, Idiotic"


WOLF BLITZER: They were accusing her basically of faking sickness in order to avoid having to testify before Congress on the Benghazi killings of the U.S ambassador and three other Americans. When you heard all of those commentaries, what went through your mind?

JAMES CARVILLE: What kind of human being is going to think like that with everything going on with concussions, head injuries and dehydrated the fact that she was overseas so much. I just don't know. Some of these people I know and I get along with them.

I have no idea what that's drives them to this kind of inhumane idiotic behavior and statements. Something I will never understand and none of it made any sense at all. People in Clinton land were very, very concerned about the secretary of state when she fell and hit her head and particularly when they had the blood clot.

Now I can assure you that all of this was heard and duly noted. This is really an inhumane kind of discussion that these people were having. I have no idea what would lead them to do something like that. It's beyond me.

As if she wouldn't testify on Benghazi. She said she took responsibility for it and ordered an investigation into it and God know what is else. It doesn't make sense. Just a cheap sound bite if you ask me.

BLITZER: I first got to know her way back in 1992 when her husband was elected president of the United States. If anything I know about her and I covered her as a first lady and senator and now as secretary of state. I don't think she was reluctant at all to go testify before Congress on Benghazi. I think she wanted to defend or explain or do whatever she could to let the American public know what was going on.

CARVILLE: I don't have any doubt about that. All of Benghazi that turned out and mistakes were made and responsibility was taken. Investigation was put in. I don't think anything is investigated with as much cooperation as this was. I can't imagine what it is that these people want.

Other than the fact that they have some intense hatred for the secretary of state that can't be explained and they should just go out and say it. One was this clown. It's hard for me to know how somebody can say what he said.

Again Hillary hating is old and deep and I guess it was still alive. I was hoping after the tremendous service to the country that it would have dissipated somewhat but apparently not.

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