Mark Levin: Boehner Is A Moron


MARK LEVIN: So Boehner won reelection as Speaker and I posed this question to those of you who are Republicans, why? What has he done? We conservatives, we Tea Party activists, we constitutionalists, all the same, we made Boehner Speaker in 2010, 2011 by sending conservatives to the House of Representatives. Many of whom, by the way, have turned their backs on us. But that's how Boehner became Speaker of the House. Since then he has utterly squandered the job and his responsibilities, utterly. He's a tactical -- I'd like to say moron, but that might be disrespectful, Mr. Producer. But you know what I mean, ladies and gentlemen.

After this election he throws himself on the table, full body, and says to Obama, 'we surrender.' Obama doesn't fear this man. Well, who would? He was crying again today.

But apparently he deserved reelection as Speaker of the House because the overwhelming majority of Republicans, who we all voted for, voted for him to be Speaker of the House. I can't think of one thing that man's done to advance the cause of liberty, constitutionalism, free-market economics, anything. Even a coherent sentence, or two, or five. The same way that sidekick Eric Cantor. And the same with his sidekick, this guy [Kevin] McCarthy. All three need to go, but apparently they're not.

You realize the House of Represenatives -- I'm not predicting this -- the House of Representatives could go Democrat, and that would be Boehner's fault. And the fault of all of those who voted to make him Speaker. (Mark Levin Show, January 3, 2012)

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